She Said:
I really love when a bright color that I love becomes a trend; this coral hue is stunning in golden hour. I adore the lace on top, paired with this statement fan necklace from Brina Box. I find it hard sometimes to find a sexy white heel, and these heels via Marshalls are perfect, they are comfortable and match perfectly with this spring dress. Again, on rotation this Lesportsac cosmetic case blends nicely with this outfit, hold my credit cards and makeup that I need all in one.
He Said:
 There is nothing I like about this outfit, except maybe the jacket. The heels are plain with no pop, nothing stands out. The dress is very unflattering; the super high waist makes it look like she borrowed it from grandma’s closet. You might as well add the lace top thingy unless it is part of her dress, either way they are both equally as unattractive. As for her jacket I cannot really tell if I like it or not because I cannot get over the rest of her outfit, same goes for bag and accessories.

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